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16 Jul

2015 Quick Reference Tax Guide

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Need a quick reference guide for 2015 tax deductions and limits?

The following guide includes many of the most important federal tax amounts for 2015.

13 Jul

EMV Chip Cards to Reduce Credit Card Fraud

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You may have heard that the U.S. is transitioning to full adoption of the EMV chip-enabled cards to reduce credit card fraud.

The global standard for smart card payments employs EMV technology, which stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.” Meaning: Cards will be equipped with super-small computer chips that are extremely difficult to counterfeit.

08 Jul

What the Doctor Ordered? California's New Sick Leave Law

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On September 10, 2014, Governor Brown signed into law the “Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014.”

The HWHFA is meant to provide protection to California employees to ensure, among other things, that they are able to address their own health needs and those of their families.

This new law took effect January 1, 2015 and requires California employers to provide paid sick leave benefits to their employees beginning July 1, 2015.

Read on for some important guidance and clarifications.

06 Jul

Unpleasant Tax Surprises for Some ACA Healthcare Enrollees

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Many classify the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a health care law and that’s that.

Truth be told, the ACA is just as much a tax law as it is healthcare reform law.

Whether you call it the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare (they are the same thing), the law has stirred up all kinds of controversy – notably, marketplace enrollees who pre-qualified for subsidies applied against their monthly insurance premiums.

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